Venue Accessibility

Visiting the racecourse

Haydock welcomes racegoers with disabilities and offers a range of facilities to enable them to get the most from their day.

At Haydock Racecourse we aim to provide an accessible environment for all racegoers, including the elderly, those with young children or people with disabilities. 

Where possible, we are happy to make special arrangements and assist with any requirements, but these must be made in advance of a raceday. Please email with any enquiries.

Personal Assistant Admission

Provided that you purchase a valid admission ticket for yourself, you are entitled to apply for one complimentary admission ticket for the same event for the person who is accompanying you to assist you as a personal assistant. The personal assistant must be able to provide you with appropriate assistance which might include:

a) assisting you in moving around the racecourse;
b) helping you evacuate the racecourse in the event of an emergency;
c) accompanying and / or assisting you in using the racecourse’s toilets;
d) assisting you in purchasing refreshments and food or using other services.

Please note that the personal assistant admission policy does not apply to disabled persons 15 and under as it is racecourse policy that all persons under the age of 15 must be accompanied at all times in any event by a responsible adult who must purchase their own ticket.


The free admission ticket provided to your personal assistant will carry the same conditions as the admission ticket that you hold.


The eligibility criteria for complimentary personal assistant admission are regularly reviewed and the racecourse reserves the right to update them from time to time. Currently those who receive one of the following benefits are eligible to apply for a free personal assistant ticket:

a) Disability Living Allowance (DLA);
b) Attendance Allowance (AA);
c) Personal Independence Payment (PIP); and

Additionally people who are Registered Blind are also eligible.

Please note that, in all cases, the racecourse reserves the right to nevertheless decline to accept an application or to request additional evidence if, in the racecourse's view and discretion, there is reasonable doubt that the applicant would be at a substantial disadvantage in attending without a personal assistant given the accessibility facilities and services available at the racecourse.


To prove eligibility you will need to provide the following in respect of one of the benefits referred to above:

a) A copy of the awarding letter from DWP or statement confirming receipt of the allowance; and
b) Photo ID which matches the details of the recipient of the above.

Alternatively, if you are a Registered Blind Person then a photocopy of certification and matching photo ID is required.

Please note that a Blue Badge is not accepted as evidence of eligibility.

Together with proof of eligibility you should provide a short explanation of why you require your personal assistant to attend with you.


Applications (including all proofs) are to be made in writing to, at least five days in advance of the event day. Passes will not be available on the day. 

Unfortunately given the demands on resources and staff on event days, assessment for complimentary personal assistant entry is not available on the day.

Tickets will be sent in advance in the post, to the address registered on the paperwork.

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